Here’s why we save you time, money, grief and risk:

EXPERIENCE. My 30 years of Chico real estate experience will serve you well. My professional experience includes marketing, selling and exchanging residential, commercial, development land/lots, agricultural properties and completing many I.R.C. 1031 tax-deferred exchanges.

UNIQUE AND EFFECTIVE MARKETING. Sending postcards and emails advertising your Chico Area property “For Sale or Exchange” to our exclusive 1,000 + quality buyers and other special marketing strategies (trade secrets) results in more buyers knowing about your property and therefore more offers. My superior problem-solving abilities and willingness to accept equity in (buy) property in lieu of a cash commission makes more offers (property) acceptable and turns more “Lookers” into buyers. Click here to learn more. We offer you standard marketing as well (MLS, websites, etc.).

TIME SAVED AND LIFE SIMPLIFIED. The work normally required of you is shifted to me. You don’t have to stop what you are doing to answer phone calls, show property and deal with personalities. My uniquely effective marketing will save you additional time by selling or exchanging your Chico property sooner. If you are selling to buy other property (e.g. direct exchange), you save even more time by seeing only property owned by those responding positively to our “For Sale or Exchange” marketing, and in a direct exchange (a sell and a buy, all in one). If you are a buyer and your down payment will be in cash (vs. exchange), my database of virtually all Chico Area property sellers who failed to sell organized by property type and the MLS are ideal for finding the best deals sooner.

LESS LIABILITY. The State of California requires sellers to provide buyers with statutory disclosures. There is significant legal exposure in selling and buying real estate, especially 1 - 4 unit residential properties. My experience, attention to detail, and well-written contracts are just a few of the reasons why neither my clients nor I have been sued after closing escrow on a brokerage transaction in which I was involved. I have no Calif. Dept. of Real Estate (D.R.E.) disciplinary action against me. My Calif. D.R.E. number is 00796981.

REDUCED TRAVELING AND HOLDING COSTS AND RISK. Selling sooner means reduced traveling and holding costs (e.g. property taxes, mortgage, utilities, insurance, yard care, maintenance, trash removal, security, HOA dues) and risk. Vacancies increase your risk.

REDUCED COMMISSION. Sending postcards and emails to hundreds if not thousands of buyers, rather than Realtors, save you in commissions. I'm happy to work with Realtors but I assume you wish to save in commissions, and you will when I am the only Broker. Being an independent Broker with a low-overhead helps you save as well. The higher price you receive due to our exclusive 1,000 + quality buyers and other special marketing strategies (trade secrets) and your savings in holding and traveling costs (because you sold sooner), offsets much of the commission.

INVESTMENT ANALYSIS TRAINING. I successfully completed these five 40-hour intensive graduate-level courses through an investment-commercial real estate affiliate of the National Association of Realtors. This curriculum is recognized for their pre-eminence within the industry:

CI101- Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment and Taxation
CI102- Fundamentals of Location and Market Analysis
CI103- Advanced Real Estate Taxation and Marketing for Investment Real Estate
CI104- The Impact of Human Behavior on Investment Decision Making
CI301- Decision Analysis for Commercial Real Estate

Professionals (e.g. CPA, CFP) have said my 4-hour Investment Real Estate Analysis course is “the best they have ever taken.” My specialized training in investment real estate analysis and asset management best qualify me to counsel you while showing buyers WHY they should purchase your real estate instead of someone else’s.

PASSED CPA EXAM, worked for CPA firms and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from California State University, Chico prior to entering real estate.

Selling for a higher price sooner or exchanging for property that better meets your needs depends on many things. At the top of this list is realistic and skillful pricing, effective and comprehensive marketing, the ability to turn more “Lookers” into buyers and the complex set of skills belonging to a seasoned professional.

The more buyers that know about your property, the more offers you receive. You receive even more and better offers while your property is realistically priced because the best buyers (willing to pay top dollar) often pass on over-priced properties. A realistically priced property receiving comprehensive and effective marketing has the best chances of experiencing a bidding-war to sell sooner, and for a higher price.

No Broker will give you more opportunities and qualifications for your money.


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