1. Many of our 2,650+ buyers are cash-buyers due to selling, refinancing, inheritance, gift, etc. Some of our equity buyers we captured months ago who failed to sell, later sell and become cash buyers.

  2. The additional offers our exclusive marketing quickly produces all around the same time improve your bargaining position and chances of a bidding war and selling in the traditional way.

  3. The additional buyers attracted to your property primarily due to it being "For Exchange" may be willing and able to purchase in the traditional way (no exchange) especially if forced to in a bidding war.

  4. Our emails and postcards are shared with family, friends and associates who buy in the traditional way. We've SOLD listings for ALL CASH due to our exclusive marketing system.

  5. Using both traditional marketing and our exclusive marketing system is synergistic.

  6. If you do not like the property offered you, I will consider purchasing it if it's lesser property and I am paid a +/- 6% commission. If I purchase it (as I have done in the past), you enjoy a traditional sale (no exchange). I'd rather discount commission for cash.

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