1. The 2 solutions we offer, if you do not like the property offered you (rather than lose your buyer). The first is our unique ability to complete 3-way exchanges so you exchange for property you're happy with. The second is I will accept equity in (buy) some lesser property in lieu of cash commission so you can enjoy a traditional sale (no exchange). We've successfully done both. Click here to learn more about our 2 solutions.

  2. Your daily holding and opportunity costs. Your holding cost is your property's negative cash flow. You experience an opportunity cost when other available property will produce a higher yield than your property.

  3. You have no cash offer that's better than your exchange offer. You may not sell at all if you limit yourself to only traditional marketing and cash buyers.

  4. Your equity buyer offers more cash than equity and lesser property offered produces cash-flow and/or is easier to sell.

  5. Your equity buyer is easier to deal with than cash buyer due to you and them selling in same economy.

  6. You save as much as 50% in commissions in our exchanges when I'm the only Realtor. Sending postcards and emails to our 2,650+ buyers (vs. Realtors) improve your chances of me being only Realtor.

  7. You're selling to buy property like a) your equity buyer's property (2-way exchange) or b) your 3rd party's property (3-way exchange). A 2-way or 3-way exchange (a.k.a. "direct" exchange) can be your best solution if you're selling to buy other property in the traditional way (a.k.a. "delayed" exchange). This becomes clearer after reading this entire webpage.

  8. You'll exchange for property that improves your situation or solves your problem (divorce, empty nester, relocation, cash flow, foreclosure, loan coming due, etc.). An exchange can be your best solution if you're selling to solve a problem (vs. buy other property), have no cash offer that's better than your exchange offer and problem needs to be solved NOW. Click here for the 21 ways an exchange can improve your financial and personal situation.

  9. For 13 more reasons, click here for the 13 advantages direct exchanges have over delayed exchanges.

The above 21 reasons also explain why some (if not many) of our 1,650+ equity buyers will exchange for YOUR Chico Area property.

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