In most cases, we guarantee our listing clients many offers quickly assuming both traditional marketing (MLS, etc.) and our exclusive marketing system are used while realistically priced. But we cannot guarantee you'll like the properties offered you. Everyone has different expectations and motivations. Some cash rich buyers cannot find what they are looking for.

THE FIRST SOLUTION is our unique ability to complete 3-way exchanges so you buy (exchange for) property you're happy with. In other words, one or more of the unacceptable properties offered you may be acceptable to "your 3rd party seller" who is selling property you're happy with (so we can complete your 3-way exchange).

Here's a summary of a 3-way exchange:

  • You buy 3rd party's property to be found or already found.

  • 3rd party buys your equity buyer's property.

  • Your equity buyer buys your property.

  • All 3 escrows close on same day.

Click here for an example of a successful 3-way exchange. Completing a 3-way exchange is easier than you realize as the example demonstrates.

If you are offered unacceptable but marketable and realistically priced property, you can begin shopping for your replacement property "nearly" as if you have cash because many 3rd party sellers (selling property you're happy with) will exchange and some may exchange for your buyers marketable and realistically priced property. And if they do, you end up with property you're happy with via a 3-way exchange and save as much as 50% in commissions if I am the only broker.

Or, if you find property you like but your seller (3rd party) doesn't like your property but will exchange, one of the properties TO BE OFFERED you may be acceptable to your seller (3rd party). But your seller may sell to someone else before you find buyers for yours. If the only way you can purchase is via an exchange, your focus should be on finding good cash and equity buyers for your property and not on finding replacement property.

Much of the difficulty in exchanging for property you'll be happy with is overcome by our 1,650+ equity buyers, 2 solutions and inventive know-how.

Click here for reasons some 3-way exchanges are not successful.

THE SECOND SOLUTION is, I purchase lesser property offered to you (in lieu of cash commission) so you can enjoy a traditional sale (no exchange). Or, if your seller (selling property you want) doesn't like your lesser property, I may accept equity in (buy) your lesser property (in lieu of cash commission) to eliminate your risk of someone else buying the property you want.

The second solution requires I be paid a +/- 6% commission. I may not be willing to buy any of the properties offered to you. I will make a reasonable effort to buy so you enjoy a traditional sale or purchase property you want and I improve my situation.


Our 2 solutions help explain why our primary goal is to quickly produce as many traditional and exchange offers as possible and it's important, but much less important you like the property offered you. We turn some unacceptable property into acceptable property via 3-way exchange and turn some exchanges into traditional sales if I purchase your buyers lesser property.

To best achieve your primary goal, we may want to market your property "For Sale or Exchange–All Exchanges Considered."

Good offers (buyers) and exchange opportunities (sellers) are LOST by Realtors not having our superior qualifications.

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