Quickly selling for a higher price or exchanging for a better property depends on the following:

  • Using both traditional marketing (MLS, etc.) and our exclusive marketing system while realistically priced. Some of the best buyers pass on unrealistically priced property. Multiple offers at the same time often result in a bidding-war driving your sale price higher.

  • Our superior problem solving abilities, inventive know-how and skill-set to ensure your best buyer (offer) or seller (exchange opportunity) closes escrow.

  • Transferring all properties in the exchange at appraisal by qualified independent appraisers. Often that's the only way all parties in the exchange will agree and close escrow saving you time, money, grief and risk.

  • You working alongside me and having reasonable expectations and positive outlook.

  • You understanding our exclusive marketing system and "what a successful sale or exchange depends on." If you do not understand, you are less likely to do all the things required to successfully sell or exchange.

  • Your ability to reach decisions. Click here for positive quotes from Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich) and others involving decision making.

  • Using key words (city, property type, etc.) to search our 1,650+ equity buyers willing to exchange for Chico Area property for those with property and objectives matching up well with yours.

  • [For Chico Area property owners wanting to exchange for property outside the Chico Area] Search various real estate marketing websites for property in your targeted location outside the Chico Area meeting your criteria. It's more effective to do that after offering your Chico Area property "For Sale or Exchange–All Exchanges Considered" via traditional (MLS, etc.) marketing and to our 1,650 equity buyers willing to exchange property for Chico Area property because "your seller" will have more properties to choose from. If your 3rd party seller likes one of the properties offered you, we can complete a 3-way exchange so you end up with 3rd party's property. Ask us how many of our 650+ equity buyers have property in your targeted location outside the Chico Area.

  • You understanding the 3 reasons our primary goal is to quickly produce as many traditional and exchange offers as possible and it's important, but much less important you like the property offered you. Here are the 3 reasons:
    1. 3rd party (selling property you're happy with) has more properties to choose from to buy (exchange for) improving chances of successfully completing your 3-way exchange.(**)
    2. I have more properties to choose from to buy (in lieu of cash commission) improving chances of you enjoying a traditional sale (no exchange).(**)
    3. You save time, grief and money (holding, travel and opportunity costs) when you quickly sell or exchange. In other words, you experience those savings when we turn unacceptable property into acceptable property via 3-way exchange or if I purchase your buyers lesser property (in lieu of cash commission). Your holding and opportunity costs add up daily.

(**) Our 2 solutions explain. Click here for our 2 solutions.

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