1. Cash-flow

  2. Relocation

  3. Raise cash

  4. Improve yield

  5. Loan coming due

  6. New business/job

  7. Reduced risk/debt

  8. Downsize or upsize

  9. 2nd (vacation) home

  10. Deferred income tax

  11. More or less leverage

  12. Consolidate or diversify

  13. Build dream or spec home

  14. Improved income tax shelter

  15. Eliminate property management

  16. Simplified life for you and your heirs

  17. Rid oneself of problem co-ownership

  18. Owning property type you are more familiar with

  19. Avoid losing equity in a trustee sale (foreclosure)

  20. Divorce–One or both spouses in a divorce receive non-cash property

  21. Move equity closer to home, work, family, friends, leisure, retirement or where you'd rather be. Some are looking for a life change (whole new environment/life style)

Your equity buyer's property and objectives can match up well with yours (their property improves your situation) even though you're and their objectives are entirely different. In fact, they often need to be entirely different. Here are examples

  • Empty nester matches up well with a growing family.

  • A retiree matches up well with those looking for a new business/job.

  • Those needing to simplify life match up well with those wanting more property and leverage.

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