1. Buyers selling to purchase property LIKE YOURS who haven't sold and will not buy in the traditional way unless they sell first. An exchange is when someone buys yours, you buy theirs and both escrows close on same day.

  2. Buyers with sufficient income and credit but due to cash shortage cannot qualify for loan (buy) unless they use equity in property (in lieu of cash) as down payment.

  3. Buyers who are selling to solve a problem (not buy other property), haven't sold (solved problem), problem needs to be solved NOW and the exchange solves their problem. Some are forced to exchange due to extreme motivation (divorce, foreclosure, loan coming due, relocation, etc.).

  4. Buyers with plenty of cash, income and good credit who will purchase "only via an exchange" due to: a) needing to conserve cash for the future; b) requiring double benefit of transferring excess property and acquiring desirable property; and c) wanting to avoid the time, grief, expense and risk of selling and then buying in traditional way (delayed exchange).

  5. Property owners who aren't thinking of selling, buying, exchanging or your property but will exchange for your property due to our emails, postcards and websites convincing them your property better meet their needs and improves their situation (they'd prefer to own your property).

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